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2 June Saturday
09:00 - 17:30


We live 90% of our lives inside the buildings...

Thus indoors became the most important environs determining our health. Hence, building biology organizes inner spaces with the target of keeping us healthy. This approach, that can also be defined as 'prudence for health risks' prevails in communities where environmental consciousness is spread to the grass root level. Building biology requires designing a building that will not sicken us, instead of being obliged to treat a psychological or physiological illness caused by the building.



Studies in Turkey on building biology have been first initiated by And Akman in 1989. The same year, And Akman laid the foundations of the relationships with İBN when he started his doctoral thesis. After being graduated from İBN's educational program as 'Building Biologist' in 1992, And Akman started his doctoral thesis, which was defined as the first doctoral thesis on building biology in the world by Prof. Anton Schneider, the founder president of İBN.

And Akman's first work on this field in Turkey was the bioclimatic analysis of kindergartens in Istanbul Technical University, Maslak Campus. The analysis, looking into the effects of the two kindergarten buildings (one from adobe, the other one from concrete and nearby to each other) on the health of children, became an international reference.


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